Dolly quilts

I just made a couple of sets of doll quilts and pillows for a friend’s great nieces. Couldn’t resist posting them. Soon I need to work on some ones for my babies. I’m doing a special patchwork one. Someday I’ll get the pieces together!!!

Beautiful quilts! Your granddaughter is just precious…I thought she was the very best realistic Celine by Evelina Wosjnuk I ever layed eyes on until I looked a bit closer and read your comment, so if you are ever looking for a look a like kit …

I like Clara by Bisy Bundles too. I saw a photo of one that looks a lot like Catherine on here. I may break down and buy her kit before I can’t find it.

Very cute quilts and pillows. I always do a quilt or blanket for my babies.

Thanks! I absolutely love the siggy you have. The outfit is gorgeous!