Dolly PayPal drama help please😕

Ok… The customer that bought my Sadie has been promising go to do so for over a month. We have been through 100 emails. I even reduced the price for her so that she could just buy her already. I was sure she was pulling my leg… But she did pay after I dropped the price. Now, mind you… She bought a girl and changed her mind … So I have that expense added also. Now today, she is saying that she had a car problem and wants the money back. What should I do? Will PayPal make me refund? I am so over this… This girl wore me out. I really earned this sale. :weary: can they cancel with PayPal? I have listed that I do not accept returns.


Dropped her at the post an hour ago😁

Well that figures. :confused:

I’m wondering where PayPal would stand on this.

I drove all day to get home from San Antonio to mail this doll. I wouldn’t of left if I didn’t have to send. It’s a 5 hour drive!

Oh Crap! What a Pain!

I’d be ready to strangle this woman! I only have used PayPal to buy things, so I have no idea. Hope someone here does. :confused:

Nikki, our mail doesn’t go out immediately. Maybe you could go back to the post office and retrieve the box if you go asap. That would solve the whole problem!

Somethimes better if you don’t send the baby … She feels like never going to give up and you can have more and more nightmares .

Also make sure you call PayPal first ! And you have the emails …shouldn’t be a problem. She can feel free to resell the doll .

If she is truthful on why she wants her money back, I cant see them giving her the money back. Most likely she wont tell them what really happened. If I were you, I would reach out to PayPal and tell them what you told us so that they already know whats going on. The few times I have had an issue, it was always best when I actually called PayPal instead of writing in.


I would just run back to the PO, get the parcel back, they should even refund you postage. Then go to your PP account and click on the full refund button. Was it eBay sale? If there were selling fees I would take that amount off the refund. And never deal with her again. I am sure your baby will sell, eventually. :slight_smile:


I agree with Ludmila on this if you send the baby she could claim that something is wrong with the baby and do a charge back sad to say this but pay-pal will side with the buyer 99% of the time and I have seen it where when things like this happen the seller loses the money and the baby because pay-pal will refund her before you even get the baby back and then she could just end up keeping the baby also. If there is a way to get the baby before it leaves the PO I would do that and refund and block this lady. No since in dealing anymore with someone with buyers remorse and wasting your time.

I’m so sorry Nik. What a pain:(

Go to and intercept the package so it can be rerouted back to you. Then refund part of her money. Good luck! too many scammers out there.

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yes, if you have the tracking number, you can intercept the package and have it rerouted back to you:

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Get your baby back. You know she will cause trouble but charge her fees for gas and time. Pay Pal stinks. We need a list of people we should never do baby business with again. I wish Bountiful could have a list we could check but I don’t think they could do that. I know that a person that causes that much trouble to begin with will be a trouble maker in the end to. Sorry girl!