Dolls So Real...hurricane trouble?

I can’t seem to contact them. My emails are coming back as undeliverable.

Does anyone have any info on them? I have stuff in my shopping cart that I really wanted but my coupon code won’t work and I can’t find out why.

No idea, I don’t think they’re having any trouble because they just shipped out my order earlier today. What coupon code was it? I just used one the other day and it worked fine, but maybe yours isn’t working or expired? Sorry you’re having trouble

I have a THANKYOU10 they emailed to me which expires 9/18 and another that expires 9/22.

I’m thinking there might be a reason, but I am more concerned that my emails to them come back undeliverable. It’s only for 10 per cent and apparently everything else is working okay.

That’s weird. I’m not entirely sure what’s going on. I think they have a facebook page, maybe try there?

I just read an update from them on FB. They said the hurricane was most likely going to pass them by. They are way north in FL.

I having trouble too. Can’t use my coupon code. I have just send them an email and I will see.

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They replied soon and they resend me a coupon. Everything work fine