Doll Shows Seattle

Does anyone know of a doll show in the Seattle area? Years ago I attended one in Puyallup. Does anyone know where to find just a general listing of shows. Do theses shows have many reborns? I have never actually seen a reborn doll in person other than the ones I have made myself. Isn’t that an odd fact?

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Just google Doll Show USA and it will give you a list of all the shows upcoming. You can click on your state and it will give you the info for just your state.

Thanks Lynn. Will do.

Anytime I can help, just ask, you’re welcome.

Here’s the schedule for the show that goes through Puyallup.
There are always some reborns there. Not very many and usually the same group of artists.

Here’s one that will be in Bellevue. Doll Show USA Events Page ~ Washington WA
I don’t know anything about this one.

Thanks cindym,
Even if there were only one or two, i could get to see some real ones that someone else made. I’m not really into other kinds of dolls though. I used to do porcelains, so good ones still get my interest and some of the art dolls are amazing too.