Doll shows baby attire

What does everyone dress their babies in for a doll show? Do you do formal dress or do you show their bellies or what?

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I would do both. It will showcase a variety of your work.

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Like, do people put shoes on them or do judges take it off or what?

If I were to have my babies in a doll show, I would dress them in something that makes their skin tones and details pop–probably a light pastel onesie with an accent hair bow or shoes (depending on boy or girl). I may do a gown or something formal if it shows their details well, but I find formal things sometimes cover up details rather than shows.
And no, I don’t show “bellies” unless they have plates, which mine hardly ever do. And I would only show a few bellies and I think showing off all of them would be way too overwhelming. Keep a variety

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Lol, I’ve never been to a show. Just want to try it out. I am so excited! I have no idea what to expect and I’m a little overwhelmed.

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Is it appropriate to have babies with no shirts on? Or wrapped and swaddle?

Yes! If a baby has a torso, its appropriate. But you wouldn’t want to leave a baby shirtless if it just has a cloth body underneath. And yes! Swaddling is appropriate. I would have at least a onesie on underneath though just in case someone wants to unwrap them. And maybe leave the hands out of the blanket to show the details.

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This is the Bountiful Baby booth last year at ROSE… but it shows 3 different ways to show a baby… so I thought I would share it. :wink:


Is the rose show in the same state every year? I would like to go one day. It is soooo expensive! They all are really. The one I want to go to us about 5 to 6 hours away.

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Lol so much to learn!

2015 was in Colorado I think.

2016 and 2017 in Layton, Utah.

Bountiful Baby bought the show within the last year and they are based by Salt Lake City, Utah. So I would assume it will stay around there. Which would make the most sense. Changing locations makes the biggest sponsor and dealers (and now owners) have to travel and have to send all their stuff ahead of time.
Also it staying in one location every year would make it easier for the vendors to plan for the up coming year, etc.


Are you supposed to put your name with your doll? Or do they do that?

The name tags in that picture were for their vendor booth.
The contest babies I think just get a number. No names, so no one votes due to who the artist is, etc.

@Blissfulbabies, @Amy, @JillianJade, @snuggle2me, @WillowsWeeOnes all entered last year ( I may be missing a few in there as well…) but they may be able to help you more.

Thas awesome. I hope I get to go a year where I can meet a lot of all of you from the forum!

Do people.pick the babies up?

No one is allowed to pick up the babies and YES they have someone watching. The babies are given a number.

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If you have shoes on the baby they want atleast one off so they can judge. Don’t forget to read the competition rules carefully so you don’t get disqualified.


I am going to the international doll show. I didn’t see any rules. I had to ask a lot of questions trying to figure out what to do.

When you go to the ROSE Web site click on contest. There are several categories you can choose from. I.e., Reborn, Realborn, Silicone etc. under Reborn you can select beginner, intermediate or advanced. You have to register ($25 per entry) but you must also confirm that you read the rules.

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If you are just going to visit and not enter the contests I would dress them how you normally do.

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