Doll market in Greensboro, NC

I used to live near Greensboro and my son moved from there about a year ago. The Doll Market sells regular dolls mostly and is where I got my first baby at. Surfing their site today, I came across the cutest rattle. Now for dolly dollars…sigh.

I used to live in Chapel Hill - still miss that town. That rattle is adorable. I can see it with a knitted owl hat . . .

Chapel Hill has grown so much, just like the rest of the Piedmont area. I’ve got a friend that lives in Durham and an ex-husband south of High Point and it seems like everything has exploded over the last 10 years. I miss the mountains where my folks were the most. This area (near Jamestown, VA) is a lot like the Piedmont but with more swamps. It’s amazing that the first settlers survived at all.

The Doll Market is a really neat store. You don’t see many big stores dedicated to dolls. Just nice to browse around in even if they don’t carry reborns much. Lovely doll furniture. Still kicking myself for not getting a cradle they had on sale 10 years ago!

I sure wish we had something like that close. But on the other hand probably best we don’t I would never have any extra money!