Doll Competition / Presentation to judges

Question…has anyone entered their babies in a doll competition? I never have but see that the rules say you must conceal your doll from view when bringing it in for registration and judging? Im not sure how you do that. I thought about Rubbermaid boxes but think they would be to big to transport if I’m flying to a competition/doll show. Any suggestions??

Put it in a large diaper bag or cloth overnight bag and carry it on the plane.

I would think a large tote bag or small duffle type bag would work well, something that zips closed. You could take it on the plane easily and carry other items in there as well.

Would I use the duffle bags to present them to the judges. Just not sure what would work best. I guess I could put them in my Realborn boxes.

Something like this is what I would use. Granted the Vera Bradley brand is pricey but if you shop around you can find cloth knock-offs made like this that are cheaper.

Good idea. Thanks. The JoAnns near me has some like this. I’ll be watching for them to go on sale.


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