Does anyone use the color green?

So I switched to babyfx and there is a green color in the set with a picture of where they suggest using it. The pic is not very clear, so I don’t really get it. I understand where the blues typically go and use them on all parts, but the green? Can anyone explain what this is for and how you use it?

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Green is what they call for “thin skin”. What I use the green for is at the end I thin it down with some water to a water color tint and use a plucked sponge and pounce all over baby. This sort of ties coloring together and makes the blue undertones pop a bit while blending the reds/blushing some. It is done in the same manner as many would use Sap Green in Genesis. The other thing I have used the green for is to mix it with the skin highlights color and make a mint wash to neutralize kits that are too pinky red or if you get your blushing or mottling too heavy you can tone it down with it.


I wouldn’t have thought of using it like a mottle- I’ll try that. The babyfx instructions kind of showed it sitting near the blues, so I thought it was kind of used relative to where you placed your blues.

There is still so much to learn. :slight_smile:

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I love Baby FX paints but I do not at all paint according to their directions, LOL!




Same here!


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Did u mix any other colors in or just dilute it? I might try that. Maybe it will be more forgiving than the blue.

Maybe I’m slow… thought blue was thin skin. Lol