Does anyone recognize these arms?

They say JD560 on the flange

I don’t…

Me, either.

They may possibly be from Blessings from above Bella by Andrea Arcello. I lost all my photos and I can’t check.
Nevermind, I found her on Macs sight and they don’t match, sorry.

Maybe a Marita Winters doll?? Half pint?
What size doll does it look like yours would go with?

Oh nevermind, sorry, half pint has a thumb tucked in. Shoot.

Thanks for checking! They are seeming like for a 19 inch doll. They are very light vinyl but not the same color light vinyl as BB kits.

I wonder if you can email macpherson’s or one of the other doll stores and maybe they have a way of looking up the number on the flange to match it to who they belong to….

Would they be from a Phil Donnelly kit? The shape kinda reminds me of her kits but sure which one.

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Thanks for that suggestion. I’ll check out that sculptors kits.

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