Does anyone know who this is?

My friend got this as a gift from her husband. She was bought at an antique mall. Do you know who it is?


Berenguer for sure…I think it’s Mary? Maybe?

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Yup, Looks like Snookie:)


Nope it’s sucky lip lol. Not Mary.

I had no idea this sculpt was called snookie lol! I love it!! I always heard people refer to it as sucky lip but you’re right. :slight_smile:

You got it! :smile:


I only know because she was my very first doll I reborned, but most people just call her sucky lip:)


So I don’t know much about the Berenguer’s but here them mentioned a lot. Are they a doll that was stripped and then reborned? Do you have anymore info I can tell my friend? Thanks for your help!!

I know that some berenguer so can be purchased as blank kits. Many are play or collectors dolls striped and reborn, that’s what I did with my Snookie. I’m not sure if she was available as a blank kit, someone will surely know though.

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Awwwwww…the Berenguer dolls are where a lot of us got our start in reborning. Sweet faces and such happy memories of way back when…LOL…I started reborning in 2002, seems like forever now. :blush:

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She got her for $25!!


Even her outfit looks familiar; I bet I had it back then, too. :smile:

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Berenguers were the first reborns ever! Before kits existed people took them and stripped them down to paint. They are a lot more work than kits. They have hair lines that need to be sanded down or rooted over, factory paint, and firmer, pinker vinyl but they’re super adorable when done.

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It looks like she was available as a blank kit. Discontinued now. Does yours have 1/4 limbs?

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The sanding was a chore! And rooting, Those heads were really hard!!! But they are so cute!


Did the reborn artist sign her??? I’d LOVE to know! I used to sign all of mine back then with a little :heart: next to my name…awwwwww…I never sanded the heads as I recall, just plopped on a wig and good to go. :thumbsup:

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I am having her check to see if she is signed😊

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@Semantics she said the limbs were soft so probably 1/4 and @kareninflorida not signed😕

So this baby is from early 2000’s? And she looks like she was reborned? Here’s another pic too.


BOO…wish she were signed! Would’ve been fun to see if one of us made her! :smiley:

Sure looks like a reborn from the early 2000’s to me. I know, though, that they did come out later with kits, so it could be one of those. The very early Berenguers were 1/4 limbs and were already put together as a play doll. We took them apart, painted them, wigged them (before rooting was ever heard of), painted their finger and toe nails, changed the eyes if the eyes were open, did the lashes…yikes…no rooting back then, remember…LOL ~ gave them nicer cloth bodies, weighted and stuffed them and onto Ebay they went in my case.

This one looks to be in great shape, which is nice, after so many years! :thumbsup:

Ahhhhh…the good old days! I kind of sound like an old granny, sitting on the front porch, reminiscing from my rocking chair! LOL :older_woman: