Does anyone know me?

I am looking for this kit?

Who sculpted and who is it? Anyone?


Thank you…sorry for the size…Trying to figure out the picture posting…lol

Looks like Fay by Danielle Zweers.

She has an adorable little face. You can find her on D oL*l d r eAm s. I don’t think the link will stay on the site, so you will have to look her up on your own.

I have the kit Fay by Danielle Zweers and went to check if there was any markings on it. On the bottom of the flange of the head it has raised inprint of D Z 2 1.1 and the limbs have D Z 2 1 on them. Hope this helps.

Thank You…ALL for the help…I’m off to check the site. I appreciate your help… MUAH!