Does anyone have official BabyFX information leaflets to share?

I know BabyFX is going out of production, or I would of course, not ask this. But I am going to be doing my very first reborns with BabyFX paint. One of the things that drew me to this brand in the first place was the fact that Melissa George has done her best to make them fool-proof. They are contained in dropper bottles so it’s easy to follow a formula of a few drops of this and a few drops of that to get the right mix of paints and mediums you need.

However, since BabyFX is getting sold out everywhere I wasn’t able to find any of her painting kits that included information leaflets of how many drops to use to get a certain result. I was wondering, is anyone out there able to share whatever information they have from BabyFX so I can benefit from this knowledge as I get started? I would love to see copies of any official BabyFX leaflets you may have!

If you would like to send the information by email to me, here is my address:

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Yes I sure do! One sec

Also I have Baby FX in the trading post if you are interested. Thank you

The file is too big to upload here. Let me try to PM it to you

Ok so it won’t let me message it to you, maybe by email?

Just sent you a PM.

Thank you to the kind ladies who offered to send me information!

Here is my email: