Does anyone have a contract?

I am supposed to make a Cuddles for an 18 year old. Now she has asked questions until I am about ready to tell her to forget it. She says her mom is afraid she will send her money and never get a baby. I understand with all the bad things going on in the world her concern. I told her once I get the down payment I would order her baby from BB and the mohair and eyes and body, this will take a week to get and then I would start sending her WIP pictures. But it would take a couple or more to reborn her baby. She wants a Cuddles and that is a big head to root. She also wants rug burns on the knees like he has been crawling. I have 4 little girls dresses to make this comoing week for a wedding and then 2 more bridesmads dresses for an October wedding. I told her I would get a contract and send it to her and she could sign it and then she could sign one copy and send back with her down payment. Does anyone have one they use or have any idea where I could go and find a “generic” one I could change around to fit a reborn?

Hope you found one! Boy, do you stay busy!!!

Ty yes I did. I only know how to live busy. Those dresses for the wedding will be fun. The 18 month and 24 month size dresses they want pillow case dresses. Wish me luck I am about to make my first! These are camo with orange ties. The 5/6 and 7/8 have a pattern picked out. These will also be sun dresses in camo and orange trim.

No wonder they can’t go to the bridal store! Cait would love to put Catherine in camo but her daddy said “NO!” Josh is dressing her in all girly clothes. Wait till she decides what she wants to wear like the rest of them He might get a tomboy like her aunt Caitie!

Well dj she can have camo and girlie! My Carlee has had several outfits with camo and pink lace! Ty windie