Does anyone else think

That the Genesis blushing colors get darker/more vibrant a couple days after you paint a baby? I swear, to me it seems like every baby I paint the blushing looks a bit darker or more vibrant a few days after I paint it. I remember long ago hearing someone on one of the boards say this but at the time I didn’t pay it much attention. However, being that I am an over blusher of sorts and have been trying so hard to tone my coloring down I am more aware it seems that when I get a baby looking good it always looks redder to me a few days later. Am I crazy or does anyone else think this?

lol,mine always seems the opposite,lol.

Mine always seem to get lighter…I’m always adding more lol!

Well, maybe it is just me and my old eyes then! LOL! Either way, it goes to show that one should wait a day or so and look at the paint job again. Sometimes I do find I have to go back and add color too.