Does anyone else have the same interest? (dream kit)

i absolutely love newborns! who doesn’t right? the way they curl up as if still in the womb… why arent there any kits like this? … i only wish i was more talented with my sculpting so i could create the perfect newborn … many artist get the details perfect the face the hands feet all beautifully detailed… but stretched out and doll like in the pose?? i would love a real newborn kit with drawn up full legs and arms and a longer soft body torso i just feel like the bodies are all too short and stocky…

can anyone else relate?

I can totally relate!

Me too!!!

ok so things to do perfect my sculpting abilities and learn to sew… better. lol

— Begin quote from “TheStorksDelivery”

ok so things to do perfect my sculpting abilities and learn to sew… better. lol

— End quote

Ha ha! I have exactly the same goals! In the mean time, I wish someone would make a sculpt that was all curled up like a little pea in a pod. I’ve only ever seen mini polymer sculpts in that position.

yes! always clay full sculpts… i want a reborn that curls up in my arms to snuggle that would be so sweet <3

I have spent hours looking for the perfect newborn sculpt with no success! Let me know if you find what I’m looking for! I want the little squinty eyes but without deep grooves on the forehead (a few wrinkles are fine, just not the sharp cuts), and yes, full arms and legs and a belly plate to match. I find bits and pieces but not the whole kit in one piece. I realize newborns sleep a lot but do all the cute sculpts have to be asleep?

peeky eyes are my fave! … i recently opened the eyes on franklin by elisa marx… he looks great! im looking for more kits to make peeky <3

So the dream kit is actually the impossible dream kit. Alas . . .

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If the arms & legs are bent and you under stuff the body a little, the doll will curl like a newborn.

I have had some kits with bent limbs and they were sort of fused at knees and elbows - not the best look. I have funny feeling Serene by Tammy, also Chase, Hope and Caleb by Cheryl Webber had limbs bent more than most. And Aurora by Fiorenza Biancheri.

I make my own bodies and one of the reasons is that I like their back curving such a way that they sit nicely in my arms. Another reson I make my own is that I like the limbs to fit nicely into the cloth bits; cannot stand those huge puffy weightlifters arms.

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Yeah, I had ordered Chase from Cheryl Webber partly because my son’s middle name is Chase. I really didn’t like the arms at all. Sort of flat but her faces look so great that I get the idea of ordering them. I just wouldn’t be able to get past the limbs. It is interesting to find out that pouring is an issue. I personally don’t like the curled up limbs as much. I don’t mind them bent some but not excessively.

yes i could see how pouring could be an issue i suppose…

Going back to looking for my dream babies… Thinking seriously about the Harry and Holly twins by Linda Murray. Just something about them. The price tag is what holds me back. It’s hard to pay that much for a kit when BB sells them for a third of the price. I want 3 times the realism if I’m going to pay more. And then the biggie is whether I can get what is in my head onto the vinyl! Guess that is where ebay comes in for the rejects! Linda’s Dani is a little more newborn looking but yeah, the limbs don’t curl up like you were wanting.

Just was looking more for kits as remembered how when I was pregnant with my son, I was worried that he didn’t have feet because I couldn’t feel them but was scared to say anything to anyone (before ultrasounds were normally done) As it turned out, he had feet but they were really curled in! As in under his butt almost. You tend to forget how they are born in a ball! BTW, he ended up having to have foot surgery when he was 3 to straighten his feet. Try keeping a 3 year old in casts for 3 months! He broke the “unbreakable (according to the dr)” casts 3 times on each foot before they were done.