Do you root 1 hair at a time?

I have tried rooting 1 hair at a time from the hair tip.I seem to have to stab 10 times to actually root 1 hair.Ive gone with the as Kim calls it… root a loop…It works pretty well but ive heard you wont ever have a very realistic head of hair this way .
How do you root?

I root with a 42 or 43 forked needle. I can usually catch one hair at a time, but occasionally I get two or even three. I don’t have a lot of patience rooting either plus my eyesight isn’t great. I can do one hair at a time if I use the needle and method I learned from Jacky at Rose, but it takes me way too long and I wouldn’t finish anything. I have gotten much better with the forks over time though,


Does Jacky use a forked needle?

Hono i have had torn retinas on both eyes so i have that problem too depth perception is way off on something that intricate …cant tell where 1 tiny hair is closer or farther away why i never will be able to do one hair at a time no matter how i want to.

Getting older isnt pretty!:unamused:Pretty aggravating !!
I tried a forked needle didnt get 1 hair!!


I looked at a few amazingly rooted heads and wrote down what each artist did. They all used 42 forked. I don’t recall if Jacky was one of those or not.


I use 42g forked.


Me too! :+1:t2::+1:t2:


I rooted from the middle of the hair for years and came out with some decent heads of hair. A few years ago I took Pia’s advice and started rooting from the cut end. It took a little while to get the hang of it and there is a difference in the results. The hair lays better, it is softer and it does not tangle as easy.
I use mostly yearling mohair (Slumberland) with the 42g .04depth crown needle with soft but firm vinyl because this needle pushes the hair farther in and I don’t have a problem with picking up hair. With the soft vinyl I like using the 43 or 46g one barb needles with kid or angora thinner type mohair. Basically for me it is finding the right combination of vinyl, mohair and needle. I always start with rooting a small patch on the back of the head. I make sure that the needle is picking up the hair, it is going all the way through the vinyl and is not falling out easy.


Most of the time I do root 1 hair at a time. It takes a while and gets frustrating when I accidently flip the batch over causing the hair to slip out, but I love the results.

No, jacky used several different needles from a one to three barb. They are the colored ones you can get at McPhersons as I recall.

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Forked needles have to be held in the right postition or they don’t work. I have actually formed a callous where my needle rests agains my finger. LOL. I have cataracts on both eyes. One is worse than the other. I opted not to have surgery yet as the doc said I was okay for a while yet. Maybe I’ll have them removed next year.

I have bilateral cataracts too Helen, eye Dr said they are ready to come off whenever I want but I’m not ready for that yet!! It is harder to see with them for sure!! They bother me when it comes to color, I always feel like I am looking through a film.

I tell you girls i had thateye surgery too At least with my doc there was very little invasiveness.
TOOK 10 MINUTES no pain you arent put to sleep just given a sedative where you can hear it all but no pain and arent anxious … in and out Normal when they stop the iv.
Taking a wart off was worse.
Because of the torn retinas surgerys i got cateracts quickly.Were bad couldnt see the signs above the store isles.
Walked in half blind walked out seeing crystal clear no pain at all didnt even know it was done except i could see and see colors were better brighter Didnt need my bifocals any more just drug store cheaters for close up…My poor clise up depth perseption is from the torn retinas.If i didnt have that i cant even imagine how well i could see after cateract surgery.If you need it id say dont delay !
I think youll be thrilled Just get someone highly recommended so it goes smoothly. My doc did 22 just that day so the nurse told meWish everyone could have him .My step father had him before me and loved the result also.
i felt like 10 years fell off the calendar after i was done.