Do you have to be a professional artist to do this

I saw the web site and thought I would like to do this, however I’m not an artist. I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ve ordered all the supplies (it’s not cheap to do this) and several Reborns that were on sale, but I’m scared now about doing this and am starting to rethink I may have jumped in to some!!

What are you waiting for? As long as the kits weren’t too expensive, get going! You can find kits starting at $15 on sale at BB. I’d suggest starting with a small kit with closed eyes, Taite would be good for a starter. Do you have an instructional DVD? That’s all you need! Good luck and happy reborning - the most fun hobby in the world!

How do you strip and start over?

I don’t have the DVD, but I found the free one on Facebook. I may order it anyway because the one on Facebook is in segments and you need to click onto each individual segment. Thank you for responding to my post. I ordered Eden ans Raine, so I probably should order the complete starter kit for Taite?

Okay… Thank you and I think I will try this at least once!!

Thank you… I have found some already, but you have to click on each individual one and I’ve found they aren’t in order and sometimes hard to find. But… I’m going to try this at least once! Lol

Our own @lamafer1101 has some amazing PDF tutorials available for a very reasonable price and in just about every skin tone you could imagine. You may want to try PMing her for more info on how to purchase.

Thank you… I did send her a PM as you suggested to check on her tutorials.

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Just jump in!!! Ya have to start somewhere. Your gonna love the craft and end up hooked. Total addiction!! Have fun~

Trust me you dont have to be a professional, i started reborning when i was 16 lol. :smiley:
You can do it! it is the most amazing and theraputic passion and hobby and i love it. :blush:

I totally agree.sometimes it just takes patience and not being to hard on yourself to do something really great. I love art… Everything from sand castles, polymer clay, painting on wood…or walking through a museum. Art is amazing! I think I’m going to love this and I think with time perhaps I can to be good at it! I’m certainly going to give it a try. Thank you for your response!

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No you don’t have to be a professional. Everyone’s got to start somewhere. I would get on facebook there are some great tutorials. Also start with basic beginners painting tutorials first then move your way up. If you can begin on cheaper doll kits to test them out. After a dozen or so you’ll be a pro! I would suggest personally the genesis paints as they have worked the best in my experience.

I live in bonner Springs Kansas about 45 min away from Kansas City Kansas

i learned by watching videos on youtube. and a lot of trial and error…lol the babies get better with practice. i have been reborning for only 7 months and here is one of my latest ones…

That’s beautiful… Do you paint the eyebrows on or root them?

i have hand panted the eyebrows…i have not yet learned how to root them. i jave a hard enough time rooting the hair on the head…lol

I think he is adorable!!

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thank you.!!! i love reborning! i have always been very good at drawing so i gave reborning a try and it is so wonderful seeing my finished babies. i sold a baby for $250 on Ebay and let me tell you she is one big girl. she is 23in. and weighs 10lbs.

Reborning is for everyone, my 14 year old even paints. Just takes time to learn everything, and don’t get frustrated like I did and quit then come back, oh and if you are going to sell babies, wait until you have gotten your skill level up to sell babies, this will avoid major problems. I speak from experience.


Absolutely right. I am still selling most of mine for $300.00 and under on eBay and am happy to get that so that I can justify making more babies. It is a hobby for me, and I don’t think there are alot of ladies that can make a living at reborning.