Do u do this?

Mom’s do u find yourself making most of your babies in the likeness of your real babies?


Yes! :raising_hand_woman:t3:

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No! I love Asian babies :joy: :joy: :joy:


Yes… All the time! :heartpulse:
P.S. I also Love Asian babies!!! My New granddaughter is half Japanese​:heartpulse::heartpulse::heartpulse:


Disclaimer: I don’t reborn.

But I am a mom, and could see how easy it would be to have a tendency towards doing that. You gravitate towards the familiar, and choose what looks most real or ideal to you. And esp if your children still live at home then you have their skin/hair/colors and tones as an easy reference. Most artists start reborning with their own skin tones for the first several dolls, at least.

I often see family members or close friends in sculpts.

But as a collector, I might only want a few that look like me. I love diversity and prefer dolls that are more underrepresented. It’s also nice to see a fresh face to me rather than super familiar, because then I’ll be interested in it for longer.
But that’s just me. :slightly_smiling_face:


I tend to make mostly BOYS! Maybe because I’m a mom of boys :slight_smile:


Yes absolutely!!

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Oh yes me to!

I’m 62 and my babies are adult women so in a way I think it’s because I miss having my little dark headed babies🥲


I’m a boy mom, too, so I prefer creating boys but do some girls because of the pretty clothing. I find myself painting my babies the way people in my family look: mostly fair skin, blue eyes, and blonde or brownish hair.

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Same :joy::joy::joy:

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Yes! I lean towards dark haired babies like mine own. :blush:


I think this is where I’m at. I have decided that two girl babies I own are boys. I have 3 boys and 1 girl. Seems to reason that I’d see mostly boys with a sprinkle of girls.

I actually hesitated to buy a girl anatomically correct silicone baby. I’m still a little scared all I’ll see is a boy. Looking at the blank baby pictures she looks like a girl.

As far as painting them to resemble my family goes, I actually tend to do the opposite. I’m enjoying creating a baby that is nothing like my own. I feel like I get a tiny piece of what other moms got with their beautiful babies. Mine were all very pale. I love babies with a darker tone. Eye and hair color can’t be avoided too much for me because I have the basic combination of light/dark hair and eyes. Even with that, there are plenty of shades of hair my kids didn’t have. I think I like the fleeting and short lived fantasy of having a baby that looks like some really cute one that I’ve seen and was just a truly, perfectly gorgeous baby.


I’m a redhead- and I get stuck in a rut sometimes making only redheads! The Copper Golden from HPBabylocks is my favorite shade:) I have a Nino here who is going to have a head full of it soon…and he will be a boy…like all these other dollies around this house lol


Are the HPBabylocks better enough quality to justify the price or are they more like a lavish indulgence for that special sculpt you know will stay with you?


I am a mom to all boys so I tend to want all my babies to be boys. Also, I have a redhead so I gravitate to red more than some.


Redheads are beautiful!

When I see a new kit, I mostly see a boy. LOL

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Same! Lol

Me too- boys boys boys!

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It’s my “go to” for mohair- it doesn’t tangle the way cheaper mohair can.

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