"Do I really have to get in that box?"

“Do I really have to get in that box Auntie Cass?”

“Yes sweet boy, you do. But it’s only for a couple days and then you get to meet your new mom! She loves you so much already and can’t wait to meet you.”

Sorry for the bad pic quality! I just quickly snapped these pic on my cell phone for his adoptive mother.

I feel so pathetic, but I almost cried boxing him up!! I was so sad to see him leave :frowning:



Bad pic? He still looks great!! What a cutie! Definitely a lady’s man! His new mama is lucky!

I understand that it’s hard to let go. He’s a real cutie.
I’m sure he’ll be loved very much!

He is darling!

What an adorable and different hairstyle! How did youu do it?

Thanks ladies! He’s scheduled to be delivered tomorrow. Until then, I’ll be on pins and needles hoping he arrives safe and that his momma loves him just as much in person!


Its kind of hard to explain although it wasn’t difficult. I dipped a soft bristle toothbrush in some water and twirled it through the hair in the direction I wanted it to go… For the curls in the back I just wet my fingers and pinched and twirled until I was satisfied :wink: Hope that makes sense!

Awww, he is SO sweet!!! My 8yr old daughter and I have a relatively-new tradition, she gives each baby a bunch of snuggles before we box them up (enough to last them until they get home, she says lol) and we take a pic of her snuggling them for the new mommy, as well as for us to keep and remember them by. I know it’s kind of silly, but this has helped us say good-bye when the time comes to let go… :slight_smile: If you ladies have any interest in our silly snuggle photos, I’d be glad to post a few?


Aww so beautiful :heart_eyes:

How could she not love him?? He’s gorgeous!! :heart_eyes:

That sounds like such a fun tradition and great way to say “bye bye” to the babies :slight_smile: I’d love to see some of your “goodbye snuggles” :heart:

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Thanks again everybody! He’s been with his new momma for a couple weeks now and she adores him :heart: He’s generated a lot of interest in custom orders, but unfortunately I don’t have the time right now :frowning: I do plan to make another like him in the future though!

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Here are a few “goodbye snuggle” pics as promised :slight_smile:


Ahw, that’s so sweet!