Do full limb babies need joints?

Do full limb babies need joints, or are their limbs attached with zip ties? I’ve never made a full-limb baby before, so I definitely need help with these kinds of details. I’m actually going to have the kit painted for me (which is cheating, I know, but I want a really good finished product and I know my own limitations. :slight_smile: ), but I was going to assemble and stuff the baby myself.

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No, they don’t need joints. The limbs just zip tie directly to the cloth body.
Have you decided on a sculpt and an artist to paint it for you yet?

Everyone has different opinions, but I personally like the plugs and neck rings to have a solid smooth spin at the attached area, especially for larger babies.

I was going to go with “3-month Joseph Awake” and have a woman I found on Ebay do the painting (once I save up enough money- Joseph is definitely going to be the most expensive baby in my collection!).

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