DIY Doll Eyes Fail πŸ˜†

When you try making some eyes and there is only one out of them that is remotely acceptable haha!

Ah well, at least I had some fun trying different types of products :wink:


Im sure it takes awhile to get it right, just like reborning :wink:
I thought about making my own when I was looking for the albino eyes but I found someone who already makes them and buying them is way easier LOL
I think you should give it another go…the last 3 in the lower picture look pretty good for first attempts.


Thank you very much :purple_heart:

I totally agree with you, buying them is way easier :sweat_smile:

I just wanted to try and see how it would turn out. I like the fact that I can customize them exactly like I want. I know now what I need to change to make them look better and I am excited to try again :blush:


I like the colors you used! Super fun, excited to see your next try at it :heart_eyes::slightly_smiling_face:

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Looks like fun

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I think they look good . Practice makes perfect don’t give up

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I actually really like the pair to the right closest to the side!

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Are they glass or acrylic? Good work! I never would have tried.

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Thank you :blush:. They are in clay and the iris is a glass dome (cabochon) lol and covered with resin. Sorry my explication isn’t the greatest haha.

I have a couple of more clay sclera to try and then I’ll try them with only resin :crossed_fingers::see_no_evil: