'Discontinued' Kits

By customer request, we have made a web page showing all of our discontinued kits:

You can also click any picture to see more information about that kit.

None of these kits are being produced any longer.

Bountiful Baby


Thank you very much for this - it will definitely come in handy I’m sure. I know I really liked Connor & sorry to see him there, but I understand to make way for newer sculpts!


I thought I read that Tristan Eagles was also discontinued?

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— Begin quote from “foreverlittles”

Im scared to ask…Are Lulu and Jewel discontinued?

— End quote

No. Lulu was put into “seconds” status because the new sculpt had eye sizes that varied.


I hate I missed Sky - what a cutie <3

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Some of these kits are ALREADY OUT OF STOCK AND DISCONTINUED, correct? Like the fairies and Sky?

Looks like Sky was a few years ago? Once those kits say out of stock, they won’t remake any so they will be gone.

Yes, many of these kits are already out of stock or discontinued.

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Emily - this might be a dumb question, but is there any way you can tell us how many of each of those kits are left?


That is great, thanks for that. But the one thing that I wish all kit producers would do, is to say when each baby was originally released. I do not mean when a particular kit was manufactured, just when the 1st lot was offered.


By every topic, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, there is a star next to the topic name. You can star any topic that you want to always refer back to and it’ll appear in the STARRED tab next to the UNREAD tab. Makes it easy and quick to go straight to your favorite topics. :smile:


I would love to see the fairies come back again. I hope they decide to sell them again.


@monica23 you should be able to look it up under the sculpt you have in the Gallery. I think there are several DVDs, aren’t there?

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I sure wish the little fairy kits weren’t discontinued… Had a lady begging me to make her one… Guess it didn’t catch on. :frowning:

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i saw holly by donna rubert on ebay they said holly is sold out or being discontinued hope this is not true I love holly.
holly has the sweetest face


thank you glad to hear that holly not sold out


Wow, this will really come in handy! Thanks~