Discontinued Kits - reference information


Yay! We finally have an updated link to discontinued kit WITH photos and thier information including plugs rings eyes and bodies!!!

Thank you @bountifulbaby this is a HUGE help! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart: I have so many kits tucked away that have now been discontinued and I wasn’t sure what bodies went with who etc. I hope you keep the photos and info up for reference forever cause the last version with just one picture was sad and I felt like I was annoying everytime I had to email and ask what to use for certain unavailable kits.

It looks like the unreleased kits will also be from the second factory as they are already on the discontinued list. Charlie, Shannon, Silvia & Octavia.


Those aren’t all discontinued kits, though. Looks like only the most recent ones. Way too many imo, I’d rather they kept some of these instead of releasing ‘new’ kits that are just copies of porcelain dolls.


Oh my that is definitely a walk down memory lane.

But Charlie and Shannon were never released. How can they be discontinued already?

They were going to be from the “bad” factory so they won’t be released.

Im thinking maybe they are already on thier way from the second factory… so they will be releasing them but won’t restock them :thinking: :woman_shrugging:t2: Cause they are in the upcoming releases


I wanted Severine’s sculpt. I just signed up for notifications.


Oh my, never saw the Rowan sculpt…wish they still had it !

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I just saw somebody selling Rowan. I’ll find it and link you.

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