Disappointed by another company! BB is for me!

Just wanted to share… I ordered a really cute sculpt that was on sale from another company because I wanted to try a something new. It was WAY more expensive than BB, but I thought it must be amazing as it cost so much. What a disappointment!! Yes, the face is very cute and different, but there were flaps of vinyl hanging off all the parts which had to be removed and the eyes had to be cleaned out because of extra pieces in them. The hands and feet were not nearly as detailed as many of the BB sculpts (and I’ve done most of them). On top of that, before I received that one, I ordered another (I was excited about the new faces) and it was out of stock, so they offered me a refund, but never gave it to me! I discovered this about a month later and it was finally sent after two requests by me. From now on, I’m sticking with BB!!

Yep, BB is pretty hard to beat!

BB is definitely the best for customer service and speed. I placed an order at BB and Secrist at the same time. The BB package arrived the same day that I got shipping information from Secrist… I have fortunately had really good experiences with a number of the other kit sellers… Sorry yours was not so good!

I’ve ordered other things from the other companies but only one doll kit. I ended up trading it so that gives you an idea of how well I liked it Same with a kit I ordered from an artist on ebay. They replaced the arm that was ripped when I got it but the sculpting wasn’t great…the arms were flat instead of round. Another artist, Marita Winters is great to work with if you change your mind about anything! After hearing things on here, I wonder if the higher priced kits are just making them a better profit and not giving us a better product

I love BB.

For sure more money does not equal better quality!

I don’t have experience with any other company, but I’m pretty happy with BB. Shipping is always faster than I expect and I love all the kits I’ve gotten so far. Great customer service and great sales. What more could a girl want?
I’m sure at some point, I’ll try a kit from a different company, but for now, there’s a lot of BB kits I haven’t gotten my hands on yet.

I know when I make an order I can count on it being delivered 6 to 7 days later. Thank you BB for being so reliable. I think the postal system is screwed up, our mail goes way out of the way to get here to Pocahontas AR.

I love Bountiful Baby too.