Disappointed again

I was letting my 2 vinyl kits air dry after painting, and my mother came into the room I was working in and sprayed air freshener all over the space in which my babies were. She didn’t take a look to notice that my vinyl was sitting out, and I was very upset. I was halfway finished with them, and they were my best yet. She agreed to purchase me 2 of the same kits… ):

on the upside just imagine how good the next kits will be. but that sucks that the ones you were working on were sprayed

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If the paint was ruined by the air freshener, then strip and restart. Have her buy you different kits instead. Sorry this happened, but I wouldn’t think air freshener would ruin your work if the paint was dry and set?

It wasn’t set unfortunately. ):

Have her buy you a bottle of Winsor Newton brush cleaner so you can strip them. The vinyl isn’t ruined…maybe just the paint. Are you using Genesis or air dry?

If it was not set, you can just wipe off the top layer with thinners and you should be able to keep going. What exactly happened to the paint? How much airfreshener did your mum spray?

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Wow I bet she felt terrible! Poor thing was probably a wreck b/c you were so upset! I’m sorry that your paint was ruined but the kits should be fine so why make her spend money on new ones?! Mistakes suck but they happen to us all!! :wink: Best of luck!! :smiley:

I guess it isn’t completely necessary to start over but I feel better just starting over. And mom felt horrible but I wasn’t rough on her about it, she didn’t know. <3

Believe me, you can almost always strip the kit back enough to repaint it. I’ve had only one that had a little staining from blue on it but the rest go pretty much back to neutral. I didn’t realize air freshener would mess them up…it would at least make them smell good while baking!

Could you please tell us what exactly happened to the paint? It would be good to know for future reference.

I had just done a reddish mottling layer and the red seemed to turn yellowish and the vinyl smelt very strange (which makes sense, it was air freshener) :stuck_out_tongue:
I just felt unsafe continuing, and I didn’t want to strip the kit. The kit had a few boo boo’s anyway, but everything is okay now.