Different color vinyl

I bought a tibby kit as seconds and one leg a touch darker then the rest how can I make it the same color tibby leg
not quite as dark as the old vinyl but the rest of her looks like the new vinyl.
I am doing her for my niece she wants a reborn very bad her kids are growen and I want to surprize her for Christmas.

I would apply a layer of Flesh 08 and see if that does the trick. If it is alot darker, you might want to add titanium white to the flesh color. With Flesh and white, it is a good idea to add 3 drops of linseed oil to help with chalkiness.

okay I will try that thank you for your help :smile:

If it is only little bit darker you will find that after few layers it will not be noticeable. But if it is more red, i would give it neutralizing wash first, then the flesh layer, and go more easy on some of the blotching layers on the darker limbs. You should be able to see what it needs to be made the same colour.

i tried the flesh 08 and it still look alittle draker so i painted the whole doll with flesk 06 but not the draker leg looks better i think one more coat might do it when i put on the second coat i will show picture

thank you i will do that today