Did you see this?

For those of you who haven’t seen this from MacPersons website.

Loulou awake by Joanna Kazmierczak is Canceled

From Joanna:

Public announcement! Hello everyone, I’m sorry to inform that there is another awake Lou lou produced without my permission. This is a counterfeit kit .

This is the reason I will NOT produce awake Loulou. So the fake kits will be easy to spot by collectors and artists. It’s extremely upsetting for me, and I’m discouraged to sculpt for a vinyl edition.

Please don’t buy a fake kits!!! Stop supporting those thieves!

AGAIN PLEASE NOTE that Loulou awake by Joanna Kazmierczak will NO LONGER be produced due to the illegal production. Let us know if you see any on the market so we can all help Joanna catch these thieves.


Yep…. Sad too! She is doing a silicone LouLou Awake that is awesome…


Yes I saw on her fb page, gutted as I preferred that awake version as well.

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That’s what happens when all these whinny ninnies who feel they are entitled to cheap kits all go out and support the fake ones! It is disgusting!


I wholeheartedly agree. Wrong is wrong is always wrong.


This is so disheartening. An amazing artist having to stop due to counterfeit issues. That’s so sad, I am so tired of these thieves messing things up for people.


So sad! :disappointed_relieved:

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