Did yall see the Nod and Blinkin Seconds?

I got one of each last night. With the discounted shipping it all came out to $69 and some change.
Woot woot!

I know!!! I want a boy Nod and. Blinking Girl. That’s a great price. Wonder if I can convince my husband that I need these! I doooo!!! I really do!!!

Ashley you have just described the major difference between NEED and WANT.
Katie, do NOT let your husband see this post!!

lol I know right! they are so darn cute I can picture making them two and displaying them snuggled up against each other-- buttttttt I guess I kinda want EVERY one!!! lol where does it end!!!

Ah, Katie, sorry to tell you----it doesn’t end! I know I can come up with all sorts of excuses to buy another kit or keep another doll.

I have a story to tell…
one time I was online shopping for fabric and I happened upon a website selling minky fabric. There was a HUGE banner on each of the pages stating" CAUTION THE FEEL OF MINKY FABRIC IS ADDICTIVE!"
And as we all know it is TRUE, minky IS addictive !!
Someone should have put up a banner about reborning!!!

Well I didn’t “need” these 2 I bought but I wanted them. I also hit send really fast before I talked myself into be more frugal and not getting them. I just hope I can sell the babies as sales have been the pits lately.