Did anyone else know

Found out that BB 's realborns no longer have the box with extras option. They don’t have the boxes either. Bummed

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Ohhhh yeah… I know:-(

Yes I know.

I didn’t know but the box was not a big interest to me or any of my buyers.

Yes. BUT…I’ve reborned several of them and not once has a customer asked me for the box, so maybe it’s a good thing. Except I liked the boxes. :confused:


I thought they announced they were going to include the boxes now as a standard practice?

I’m kind of glad because I didn’t ship with the boxes any way and couldn’t get myself to just recycle them so they just get used as storage boxes in my doll room and I don’t need any more or them.

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BB said that they were not going to order anymore of the realborn boxes and that they were going give out the last of the boxes to everyone that ordered a realborn until all the realborn boxes were gone.

I don’t really think the boxes are such a big thing for me. It’ll cut down on the shipping costs for my customers.

I’m thinking more of a business aspect. For instance, Clyde with box and body and beads $54.95. Now just the Clyde kit ( head,arms,legs) $59.95 then add the body and the beads… Just seems like a big hit to my potential profit. Guess I’ll stick to buying LE kits. It was usually $10 more for the body , beads, and box. Granted the shipping was more but not as much as adding a body and beads to a $59 kit then adding shipping. Ok end of rant. I just have customers who expect a box with their realborns. I’ll just add a disclaimer that the box has been discontinued.

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Well darn… I thought the boxes were a nice touch and a nice way to ship the baby. Glad I got a box with my Presley.

I am sad that I didn’t!!!

I know!! :frowning:

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