Did anyone else get Lilli-Marlaine?

What a big girl! How in the world am I going to dry her body? There’s no neck hole. :confused:

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This may help. I saw it posted on facebook this morning. It says you have to cut a hole in the neck.


She is a big girl but I Love the big babies. Glad someone else gave this tip, I was at a complete loss. I am still trying to master my BB kits, lol. She is adorable, I can’t wait to see how she comes out

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Thinking about getting her she’s so cute! Would her body fit in the oven by itself then the other parts on a separate go? Or she’s still too big for that?

I’m not sure, @Smbirch. I use air dry paint.

I think she’s a SOLE if I’m not mistaken, but would consider selling mine. I’m too busy to paint much these days.