just got a new kit and now i know what you all were talking about having trouble rooting. I just baked my doll and the vinly got so soft that the neck couldn’t support it and it fell forward and rested on the arm. of course, i left it alone as i have had no trouble with dolls melting thus far and figured i would be ok again. well i snatched it out really quickly and although it is not melted, it is actually kinda disfigured!!! from where it was leaning on the arm now her head doesn’t sit up straight!! can i stuff her with something before i bake next time??? How annoying is this??? i hope my other 2 new kits aren’t the same!

Which Kit are you painting?

Becky, I had to take a soup bowl and line it with a washcloth and set my last two heads in the bowl in order to bake them. They kept wanting to fall over as they got warm. As long as your paint/sealer is totally dry you can use a bowl for the baking without messing up the finish.

You can put fiber fil in the head and still bake it.

it doesnt look too bad i guess. still a bit our of shape. Hoping it will straighten out after the next bake. guess maybe i will have to try the bowl idea. Thanks!