She is already in love

Oh my, now how could you take that baby away from her?

i know right??? She wants to keep them ALL!!! LOL! I let them keep the first one, but the other 3 need to go. She sits and snuggles them and talks to them… breaks my heart I keep telling them that if i sell a bunch, then i can keep a few for them.

Oh my gosh!!! How cute!! And I don’t mean the reborn! (she’s cute though, too) Lucky you!

thanks! She’s my “mini me” Except her auburn hair, that she shares with only her sister

Gorgeous little girl… those brown eyes would make anyone want her to have them… My 9 year old graqnddaughter now has 3 reborns and a berenguer that I took apart and redid at Christmas… My 7 year old granddaughter has 2 and a berenguer… I have 3 finished that I need to figure out how to sell and 2 that I am about ready to start rooting… The granddaughters would like to have all of them too…

Trying to convince my almost 13 year old that it would be fun to at least make one but no such luck. Holding out for Catherine to grow a little! Good luck prying those babies from her hands…she has to sleep sometime!