Delayed shipping?

Anyone having issues with this now? I went to assemble my twins and discovered I only have 1 set of black eyelashes. I have some in transit from BB but the package has been delayed and not sure when it will arrive. UGH! I hate this whole COVID and rioting mess!


They are adorable! I have both of these kits in my stash. I need to get them out. :heart_eyes:

Root their eyelashes :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a package stuck in shipping to a customer for almost 2 months now :frowning:


My last order took over a week – highly unusual from BB. It has to be in transit that is slowing it down. I was in no hurry for the order, so it was not a problem for me. I hope you get yours very soon! Your babies are beautiful.

Yup, I ordered something from Spain 45 days ago, and it only just got to the US.

Yes, eyes from Germany over two months and still waiting. A package sent to me from South Carolina has been almost one month. Might be lost- made it to Columbus, Ohio and has been there for three weeks. It was shipped Priority Mail.

What is weird to me is that packages are going all Willy nilly instead of straight from point a to point b everything is taking detours Zig zagging clear across the country

It’s almost like they are trying to get as many people to touch it in as many different major cities as possible

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In April I bought a dog collar from a shop in my city. Literally 20 minutes away from my house. It still hasn’t arrived! The mail system is overwhelmed and everything is taking a weird amount of time right now.

I agree! I have noticed things going to odd places in transit too!


Right? A package coming from 3 states away from me went all the way to Puerto Rico before it came to me


Puerto Rico??? Yeah um that’s is a little out of the way :thinking: what are they thinking?

Cute. I’ll be so glad when COVID is over if ever.

I hardly ever watch the news but today they said they are hoping for a Safe vaccine this fall. That would be awesome.

@Reborndaddyog, it sad when our packages travel more than we do nowadays. :thinking: