December Calendar

Hey all …don’t forget to use your $20 coupon in your Rose Calendar! I almost did!!! whewwww lol


Yes, I used it already …

Do you have to spend a certain amount?

Yes - $100 - which is super easy to do anyway for me.

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Ok, yes that sure is easy to do! I misplaced my calendar…i actually have 2 somewhere. Totally kicking myself Now! :pensive:

The code is the same in each Calendar.

It is $20 off any order of $100 or more


Oh my didn’t realise :worried:

Ohg!!! I forgot :persevere: I guess I have to buy more stuff :grin:

Thanks for the reminder.

Thank you, I did end up finding mine!

How long is the coupon good for? I know I have a calendar around here somewhere… :slight_smile:

It says 1st-25th

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Thank you!

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