Dec RR sign up so far

Here are the ladies that I have received info from. If you sent something, let me know. I get quite a few messages so it might be in the mix. Also, if you participated last time, you don’t need to send the info again unless something has changed. Thanks everyone.

Neise’s Nursery
Diana EV

kim when do we send our stuff out? -just like to have a time frame- I know we still need to get name and wish list ect…

Wow this is fanstic! Looks like we have more ladies than before.

when do we get our names? I am so excited to do this the first time? I have a question? If I get no when I get to do my vampire baby, I will want a bottle of blood. Should I just keep using red food color to my fabric softner like I used with my reg bottles or any other suggestions? That may take a whopping lot of red. I left them out to dry and kept walking by them thinking I need to put those in fridge. I know you are old pros at it but I was so excited. I am redoing a couple I bought off ebay for cheap. Someone had started them and made msitakes so I have done some sanding and acetone and have the flaws gone. So I can make christmas for a couple of little girls, When I did the bottles I not only used the clear stuff in the end of the nipples but I also put some E600 i think it is on the lids and screwed them on, but now that I think about it i might need to inject some insdie around the lip of the nipple so it cant be pulled out there. As with everyone else in our community here we are short of funds this Christmas since my husband has been out of work for alomst 2 years and I was fretting as to what I was going to do to help someone else this year and God directed me to these babies then I just ordered bodies for 7.95 I can only help 2 little girls this year but I can do 2.

I think I posted this somewhere else, but I’ll add it here, too. (At least I thought I did ) For December Round Robin I am suggesting that your gift gets sent within the first few days of December. Mail can get a bit crazy during the holiday, and we want people to receive it on time.

I have a question should we put a tracking sticker on the box of stuff that were sending our swap partner?

You can if you want to. I have been in 3 swaps and did not and had no trouble.

Yes, Ladies. I think this is going to be “last call.” I would like to start working on getting people paired up. So, anyone who is still contemplating siging up, here’s your chance. I’ll give people until Friday, how does that sound?

Thanks one and all.


I cant wait -very excited!!!

I put a deadline for Friday for people to sign up, so I hope to have them to everyone Saturday evening or Sunday. I am at an all day EMT class on Saturday, so will try to get them to everyone in the evening.

Is it too late to sign up for this??? If not I would like to join.

no but today is the last day.

what do I have to do to join?

Round robin sign up has some quesions answer them and send the queston and answers to kim

Not too late. Please join in. I am going to start getting things in order so that tomorrow early evening I can send out info when I come home from class. So, that still gives people actually until then to sign up. Come join us.

sent u pm