Darren Asleep......is a girl now!

Just a couple test pics…photoshoot tomorrow afternoon…I hope!!!
I just thought the longer blonde hair looked so feminine…so Darren is now Roxie!!!



WOW, this Darren is stunning, one of the best I’ve seen!! Great work!! Looks like one of those little Cherub Angels!!


I love her, wow!

What a gorgeous, mystical girl!

The best Darren-girl!

Darren is cute as a girl!


So sweet! One of the best Darren’s I’ve seen!

Thanks guys!!! She turned out cuter than I thought she would!!!

Your work is … OUTSTANDING! As always! :heart::heart:This Darren is my favorite!

Awww Nikki…you are soooo sweet!!:hugs:

Thank you!!!

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Beautiful!! I think he could be a boy or a girl. Boys are blonde too. :grin:

Beautiful work I just love that hair!

So sweet! :heart_eyes:

Oh my word! Breathtaking baby!

She’s cute!:two_hearts:

Thank you everyone…working on photos today…in much better light…so fingers crossed I’ll get some decent pics!!!