Darn sale babies

Dog-gone-it…I peeked at the BB sale and bought two more kids (realborns) doesn’t my brain know I have more kits than I can ever paint in a life time? I am addicted to that little box showing up on my porch. It could be worse I could be addicted to something that was bad for me, how can babies be anything but good for you?

Thats it, last order, need to sell babies not buy babies.


What kits did you get? I can’t decide which one I want but I need to order

Uh huh. Right Gabriell. Been there, done that.:grin:

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I purchased Clyde and Kimberly. I wanted to try the reborn kits. I can’t wait to start sculpting in January, I have way too many ideas.

You aren’t the only one. I have tons of kits and a huge credit card bill to match. I put myself on a kit diet, which ends up going about as well as my food diets go. Darn BB sales!! :smile:

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Me too, got 5 yesterday and ordered three more today! Yikes