Dark Blonde/Light Brown mohair

Hello! Does anyone have any pics of rooted light brown/dark blonde hair? Please post if you do and if you remember where you got it and what color it was that would be super helpful as well!

These 2 were both rooted with baby brown from my supplier Sarah Gomez.


Thanks! My aunt is wanting me to root her baby that I made for her and she wants dark blonde or light brown hair so I told her I’d get her some pics and she could choose what she liked best.

Redirecting... this is her fb page tell her I sent you if you buy from her :wink: Her hair is great and fair price.

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Thanks! I definitely will if I go with her :slight_smile:

On her page there are tons of photos of reborns that other Artist’s have posted of her hair rooting it might help.

I’ll check it out! Thanks!

I used a combination of dark blonde and honey blonde from Angora Mohtique for Morgan.