Cyber Monday - Kits 65% Off, Bodies 50% Off!

We had been marking ONLY our closeouts down this deeply, but through CYBER MONDAY only, it is ALL kits 65% OFF, and all bodies 50% off! This INCLUDES Silicone Kits!


I wish I had the money to get few kits

Been paying people back at moment been rough.

Great sale but don’t get paid till end week

If I could I would get

Realborn darren sleeping
Realborn Lavender Awake
Realborn Priscilla sleeping
19” shyann

And few cloth bodies

Good sale to stock up on Christmas babies for next year!

178.00 worth of bodies! That sounds so sketch.

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I had to buy some faves- Pearl, Dominic, Skya, and Christopher Asleep. Thanks BB for the great sale!

@katy777, I just activated “Shop Pay Installments” (a form of “Buy Now, Pay Later”). It will be a choice during checkout.



In this case, does bi-weekly mean every other week or twice a week. I googled it and it says bi-weekly can mean either.

That is great… @katy777 needs those breaks…

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Thanks but I only have $15 to my name in account till Thursday so I will keep eye out for sales. And babysitting $ Friday.

If I could I would.