Cute thrift store find!

Several months ago, I found an adorable vintage doll high chair for $9 at a local thrift store. I’ve been meaning to fix it up for a while, and just now got around to starting it. I found a vintage crib sheet on eBay that I repurposed to re-cover the seat and back, and used fabric I already had for the trim. I still have a few more finishing touches to add, but I’m thrilled with how it’s turning out so far! I love thrift store finds! :grin:


I forgot to take a pic before I start d working on it, but these are some of the cushions it came with.


I love it :heart_eyes: great find! Smart thinkin’ to use the vintage crib sheet!! Love the deer :blush: You did a wonderful job!!!


That is adorable!

That looks great! Did you have to do much to the wood?

Awesome find!

I didn’t have to do anything to the wood, just wiped it down a bit. I’ll need to replace a dowel on one side bracing the legs, but other than that the wood itself is perfect!


So cute!! You’ve done an awesome job on it. I think I had that same sheet when my daughter was born in 1981. I loved it then too. :blush:

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You’ve done a great job!

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I would’ve bought that too.