Customs anyone

hi guys! can anyone do a custom baby for 100$ or less

I doubt you’ll find anyone to do a custom for that. You might be able to buy a ready-made baby from a new artist for that price. Or a boo-boo baby.


i really want a reborn but im 13 and my mom cant a fored it and i cant eather

It would cost more than that just for materials.


i never got mine she does not reply and i have not heard anything sense i posted that @maitreasuredbabies

I highly doubt you’ll be able to find a custom for that price…there however, are FB groups for cheap reborns. You might be able to find something there.

no that was for the foster the one that she was supposed to make for me is the one i did not get

Just out of curiosity what happened to your foster baby? Do you still have her?

no i gave her back because the lady bacicly backed out on makeing mine. @izzy

my mom said she would pay 150 or less now

If you go on ebay and search ‘reborn doll’ and set a filter for under $100, a bunch of results pop up. They may not be the most quality babies, but hey, it depends on what you’re looking for. But be careful of the dolls from China. Most of those are illegal copies of reborn kits and mass produced. Besides being illegal they’re also poorly put together.


Oh, wanted to add, if under filters you set it as North America or US only it should filter out the illegal fakes. :slight_smile:

Here is an ebay search I did with filters already set in place. Good luck finding a baby!

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Seems like this story is changing by the minute, is this a beware?


great idea

great idea

what do you mean

i maybe able to pay a bit more after we move on december 1st

You might want to check out “reborn boo boo babies $120 and under” on Facebook you should be able to find something you like in your price range.

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I can, but I am pretty new to reborning. If you are interested I sell mine for around 100$. Send me a Private Message of what you are looking for, and I will tell you if I can do that! :smile: @morgan123

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