Custom Rowan Questions

I may have a Custom Order for one of my Rowan kits, I sent customer her invoice and she says she will make the first payment on Wednesday, so we’ll see.

For those of you that have Completed Rowan before using BB recommended body what size clothes will she wear and what size shoes.

I have read that she can wear sizes 3-6 months, 6-9 months, and some 12 months clothing, so which is the correct size?

I am looking for Doc McStuffins clothing for Rowan and need to know what size clothes and shoes. So far I am only finding Doc McStuffins clothes in size 12 months, could really use some help.

I am waiting for her body to come in the mail it should be here Monday or tuesday, so it looks like I may have to stuff it and temporarily put her together and and try on the 3 sizes of clothing from my stash of baby clothes to which size will fit her best. I know I have clothes of all 3 sizes as I bought the 12 month clothes for Annie, Cuddles, Kitten, Ladybug, and Cookie as I plan to make them someday as keepers. Rowens head, arms, and legs are bigger than Sweet Pea Awake and my Sweet Pea Awake wears size 3-6 months and they are using the same body as Rowen.

I still need to find size 3-6 months or 6-9 months doc mcstuffins clothes any ideas?

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Depending on the maker of the clothing sizes can vary quite a bit…here is one I just reborned with size 12 month clothing and shoes with no size on them but they are 3 inches long if you measure the length and they fit nicely…!! Hope this helps…!!

That does help some, I was thinking she needs size 2-3 shoe. As for clothes I am just gonna have to use size 12 months for the doc mcstuffins clothes because there isn’t any smaller than size 12 months and add a couple of 6-9 months clothes that have baby lambs on them or a giraffe, which would fit with the doc mcstuffins theme that my customer wants. Do you think that would work?

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Sounds like you have a good plan…!!..Enjoy doing your custom Rowan…!!..

It really does very with her lol. I tried on all sizes, depending on how it is made some things fit better then others. The romper i sent mine home with was a size 12, but i think it ran on the small size.

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Can I ask you this Snuggs.What size or style body for Rowan.

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I ordered the size bb suggests for my first one I reborned. For my second one i did a few months ago my customer wanted full limbs. I had to order a Grant who has full limbs to use his limbs with Rowans head. I used the cloth body for Grant that bb carries. Grants limbs and cloth body match nicely with Rowans head.


She is beautiful but this full limbs and lumbs stuff confusing

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Thank you! Rowan limbs use a body with 3/4 limbs. Both arms and legs have the caps. Her legs are pretty big so you might be able to use a body with cap arms and front loading legs. This last custom Rowan using Grants limbs uses full arm and legs.

Rowans recommended body. See the caps. She has 3/4 limbs.

Grants body used for Rowan head with Grants limbs. See Grants limbs. The are full limbs.


Love her with the full limbs, Carrie! And that HAIR!!! :heart_eyes:


Thank you Karen!

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Ok thanks

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Im doing two a light brown some what custom and and maybe a twin.First time doing…lets see how this go.

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Looking forward to seeing them.

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Y’all are making me want a Rowan. That is also my precious dogs name :dog:

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Thanks…she is lil lady