Custom cancelled due to

I have sold several customs this summer and feel blessed to have done so.My latest custom was canceled due to husband taking credit card away when he found out how much baby was costing.Do you guys return deposits on customs?She was told from beginning that deposit was non-refundable.

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What @Sony72 said! :grinning:

I do likewise. Non refundable means just that.


I only had her pay a $100 deposit.Was charging $200 for finished baby ,so she only owed $100.Preemie Faith.She says her husband hit the roof when he found out she was paying $200 for a doll.I usually charge more.

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LOL. Guess I need to quit feeling sorry for people.I was doing it cheap as a favor for a friend who knows her.

Again, non refundable is non refundable. Too bad hubby’s mad A deal’s a deal.


Ok,time for me to quit feeling guilty about it.If I could figure out how,I would show you guys a picture of the baby .lol


No that deposit was for supplies and it can’t be refunded.
Of course I’m sure PayPal will side with her and you’ll have to refund her any how. I sure hope not. It’s not your fault she changed her mind.
Sorry you’re dealing with this!

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No,they do not refund on customs.Was just feeling sorry for her.Anyway I have spoken to her and she realized as did her husband that it was non refundable.So not feeling guilty anymore.


Maybe when she tells him that still isc $100 for nothing he will change his mind .
She could sell it for $200!! Hes crazy .She needs to tell him that.
Sorry Gonna rant…Makes me mad when i hear a DH lay down the law unless she over spends badly. always.What is she a child ?..Next day hell get golf clubs no big deal!! gggrrr Ah the inequity!!


The last one I had was for a client that had bought several babies from me so I trusted her with not paying a deposit, needless to say she can’t get the baby now! Never again!


That happened to be too. I made 2 customs for a repeat customer and didn’t charge her any deposit. She approved the babies and picked every detail along the way. When the time to pay cane, she said her PayPal was hacked and she would not be paying anything else online, and that she was sorry. I told her to send me a usps money order… I never heard from her again. Never again, live and learn and ALWAYS take a deposit! :grinning:


Me too, the bad part is she constantly wanted to know several times a day the progress…was so impatient for me to finish. Oh well, it’s a cutie…should sell for Christmas I hope


You will! I sold both of mine:-)