Curly Mohair? (need strawberry-blonde)

Hi everyone,
I have scoured the internet and have come to the realisation that it is much harder to find curly mohair for rooting rather than straight or wavy. One doll dealer told me things go in fashions and curly mohair is really out right now hahaha!

However true that may be, I really want some strawberry-blonde curly mohair for my Anouk reborn. I am really having a hard time trying to find exactly what I need. Does anyone out there have a great source for high-quality, glossy, curly mohair?

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Check with A Plus Mohair. She is on Etsy and Facebook. She probably would do a custom order for you.

How much do you need? I may have enough…

Hi Summer! I need enough to do a generous head of hair on Anouk by Heike Kolpin. I haven’t even started reborning yet so I don’t know specifically how much that might be.

Could you share a photo of the mohair you have for sale?

Thank you Kimomax - I will look for that seller

Angela’s premium mohair on Etsy is amazing! Try her. She just had curly in stock the other day but I don’t know if I’m that color. @angelas817

Hi Kate - how do I find Angela’s mohair on Etsy - do you know her store name?

@sugargliderus might have some curly mohair. Her mohair is great!

Sorry, just noticed your response. Here ya go :slight_smile: