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Ok ladies hate to bug you but I have conflicting information and I need a weigh in. GHSP- what temp, how long? I learned from tutorials and a few gracious artists here that its 265 for 8-12 minutes. I am now hearing its 275… I don’t want to melt any babies but I have not had any trouble with shiny dolls. Am I undercooking my tots?

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I do 265 for 8 minutes. If you have a NuWave oven, it’s power level 8 for 8 minutes.


As long as it cooks for 265 even 4 or 5 mins is long enough but you need to be sure that it is at 265 do not trust your oven always use a oven thermometer.


You can check after cooking and cooling the parts by rubbing a damp (with water) Qtip across it. If the paint doesn’t transfer to the swab you cooked it long enough. 265 for 8 minutes works in my NuWave, but you need to use a thermometer to make sure your oven is holding at 265 for at least 3-4 minutes during the cooking time.


I do 275 for 8 minutes. About 11 if I’m curing varnish

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With a nuwave I do power level 6 for 11 minutes and all is well.

I use a convection oven at 265 for 8 min. It works good. :smile:

From the Genesis website:
“To dry fully, Genesis® Artist Colors the temperature must reach 250°F/121°C to 280°F/138°C for several minutes. Bringing the paint to this temperature without overheating is important.”


I used to do 260 until one day I dived a little paint of just by granting it after baking so now I do 265 for 8 min and 10 for the last baked and haven’t have any problems. Always use a thermometer :thermometer:

The concensus seems to be that the paint can’t go past 280 and needs to go to at least 250, 8 minutes being the average to seal it. I guess we have to decide what the vinyl can take. I have done 275 for five minutes, I didn’t have the heart to go past that. I have done 270 for 10 minutes and all seemed fine. I have gone max 12 minutes at 265. All three temps the wipe test failed while the vinyl was still warm but seemed to do better once it cooled ( I used thinner on a sponge). Note that 270 for long period of time gave me a face warp. The head started drooping over the neck.

This is how I spent my day, experimenting.

Thank you everyone for your input…I really appreciate it.

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265 for 8 mins

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i suspect (and i’m making this up) that they give that range because oven temps run SO differently and each person (and sometimes doll) will be a little bit different. Start in the range on the low end, and do the q-tip test until you find that it’s setting. Some people lean toward the higher side. I lean toward the lower side. When I set my nuwave on the high end, my dolls get super shiny.

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Right on, thanks:blush:

I use level 6 for 8 minutes

An accurate 265 for 8 minutes works perfectly with no problems. Bake your varnish 2 times at least. Bake, cool, bake again. Many people do this 3 times instead of two. If your oven is accurate you can trust these settings everytime.


I didn’t know this for a too long. I did the qtip test straight out of the oven like a big dummy and was so frustrated!!! the thing about these dolls is we are all self taught. There’s no class at the community college! haha :blush: thank god for the internet is all i can say. and the pioneers who took this on before google! cheers.