I want a full size wood cradle but haven’t been able to find one…or afford one that I like! But I found this doll cradle at the thrift store for only $10 and couldn’t resist. Now I have to make bedding sets for it and my old doll cradle. I think it works fairly well for even the 18" babies plus takes up less room than a full size one. The thrift store also had an antique wicker doll stroller but between the $60 price tag and the fact that the puppy tried to eat my wicker doll basket (another thrift store find!), I passed…for now. It was beautiful and in great condition. But until I get my sister’s stuff moved out or Caitlyn, I don’t have a true doll room. And anywhere else in the house isn’t safe from Miss Chews-A-Lot! So far, we’ve lost a few wooden blocks I was making for kids, a button off Cait’s boot, two plastic tiaras I had just gotten for Catherine for Christmas, and a few other things. Needless to say, I’m cleaning house and also making a dog fence soon. Plus buying dog toys!!! But here is the cradle:

I would have snatched that one up too - hard to believe it was only $10! Very nice buy

It was a little wobbly but all it needed was a few screws tightened and a couple added to the bottom crossbar where someone had used little nails to secure it. That is the only reason I can think of for the low price especially considering the prices they had for a couple of other doll beds in the past. I have two friends that work there that collect dolls so they see the prices the manager sets because of the vintage aspect. Other things like toys are priced wonderfully! I love the idea that I can get more and help reduce the trash and waste we have in this country. But as for baby beds, I’m just thrilled with this one!

I just went on ebay to check prices on the doll stroller that was $60 and they are $100 plus shipping. So I guess they are still priced lower than market value. As for my cradle, the two closest ones in design are $60 and $90. So doing the happy dance!!!

That is awesome I wish I could find one of those esp for that price. I guess I live int he wrong part of the country

Great find…

I love that particular thrift store even if Gala tells me about the stuff they throw away. She works there and says that they toss anything from Graco like high chairs and they toss all car seats and cribs. If people knew that, they could take the stuff somewhere else but no one tells them when they drop it off. But that store is great for toys and kid’s clothes. She tells me there is an even better store in Portsmouth but that is an hour away and would mean a special trip. Thinking about whether it is worth it since you never know what is there on a certain day…but tempting!