Cracked sealer

I’m not quite sure what happened to my Logan. I used Americana Ultra Matte sealer and while I was rooting I noticed it start to crack…maybe I applied it too thick? what should I do?

I think this might be for use on non flexible objects like wood or glass. I just emailed DecoArt about it. I’ll let you know when they respond. That cracked badly.


Thanks so much! I appreciate it!

OH NO!! I don’t know what to do with that but you’re probably right, it might be too thick. Sealers can be a pain in the butt!!

So sorry you’re dealing with this, but yes…sealers can be a PAIN. I’ve not used this particular one, so I am of no help but didn’t want to read and not say anything. Hope you get it worked out. Your skin tones are lovely!


Crisis averted! I took his eyelashes out, put on some genesis matte sealer and baked three times…and then I threw the other sealer out! I’ll add another layer of genesis sealer and bake again to tidy up any left over cracks! Whew! That was close!


YAY!!! He looks GREAT!!! :thumbsup:

Looking really good—It’s so awful when you work so hard and then have something go so wrong!! Glad you managed to get it all fixed!!

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Thank you for sharing the solution. Now we all know what to do if we encounter a problem like this. Nice fix by the way.

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Did you just put the Genesis Matte right over the cracked varnish or did you take that ‘old’ varnish off??

I put it right over the cracked varnish. I was scared of making a bigger mess if I tried to take it off.



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I think that these sealers need to be put on after he doll is totally finished, and stuffed. And yes, I would only apply it very thinly. I do have a jar, but only tried it on my test limb, and it was fine when I flexed the limb. I am keeping it for when I have some shiny baby, but so far they are all fine. :slight_smile:

I got an answer from DecoArt. They said the Americana Soft Touch Varnish is more flexible than the Ultra Matte Varnish but they don’t know what might happen down the road.(CYB)


Thanks for helping! Very kind of you! This is good information for all of us to have!

Wow, great save!! Looks wonderful! :heart_eyes: