Cozy twin

Who do you think might be a good OPEN-EYED TWIN for Cozy???


I’d thought about doing lulu once as a twin for him but she is out of stock right now. I’m rooting cozy finally!

Hum good luck on finding what you want!

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I think Lulu would be too big to be Cozy’s twin.

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Thank you, ladies.

Now that I look at Lulu, she has the same shaped head, nose and the distance between her nose and chin appear to be close in size and shape. That will be my choice if my customer chooses a twin.


Only problem is that Lulu is out of stock and won’t be in until late Febuary. Unless you can find someone that has the kit and is willing to sell it to you. I’ve heard that it is better to paint twins at the same time to get the coloring similar.

Good point about the painting, but at this point in time I think she is going for just the one (Cozy) baby.

I may use both of them at some point in time for my website babies.