Conversion to Golden from Genesis

I am seriously thinking of getting into air dry now. I’m not going to sell my heat set paints and supplies in case I can’t get it. I’m hoping to. Just thinking they may be healthier, even though I bake outside. So spam me with information on Golden. Where to find them. Can I get them as a set? ect. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :kissing_heart:


You can get this set from Michael’s or on Amazon. They should be fun to play around with even if you decide to stick with heat set! You’ll need to get a medium to mix with the paint too. I like the Satin Glazing Medium but I think some people prefer to use the Matte medium.

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Yay!! Cool! I need to order from Michaels anyway. I need a cart for more organizing. Do you know where I can find the mediums? TY!

You can walk into Michael’s and get pretty much anything, but I get all of mine from D!ckblick. It’s cheaper and there are more options. Sometimes they have good sales… You order each one individually, but that’s better because in a set there’s always stuff you don’t need.

So whatever paint colors like. I like the fluid paints better than the heavy body. The mediums I use are retarder, satin glazing medium, matte medium, then matte Polymer varnish.

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Thank you!! I have to get a grip on the steps and mediums ect :upside_down_face:

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What is the satin glazing med for?

I am looking for air dry also and i can get the golden here to
It is a box off 8 colors 39,95 and what varnish should i use
Can the paint be mix with water ?
Are you satisfied about the air dry , for me its new never used it before

Extends working time a bit, makes the mixture more transparent, and I believe it adds binders, which you would be diluting by adding water.

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Yes to water. I love Golden, never have used genesis. Golden matte Polymer varnish.

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