Complicated hair rooting

I’ve been slaving away at this baby’s hair rooting for too many hours and in only about half way done but I’ve been following the pattern of a real baby’s hair and it’s quite complicated. I have to take the time to brush it to get it to lay the best, do you think this will make it harder to sell? Or discourage buyers because of the upkeep of the hair? It looks so realistic and I love it! But it is work to keep it looking nice.


I don’t know if hair quality and pattern really matters, I’ve seen some babies with atrocious hair patterns sell really well and some with amazingly lifelike patterns sell just was well. A collector will probably look for the more hyper realistic look while a casual doll owner looking for a doll to “play” with probably won’t notice. I think you should do what you like doing and what you think looks best. I usually do a medium complexity hair pattern but sometimes I don’t bother and sometimes I do something more complicated. It really depends on the baby for me. Your rooting is gorgeous so it should sell anyway!


WOW! I think the higher quality mohair and realistically rooted hair pattern will definitely sell! Cheap mohair and crummy rooting ruins a doll, no matter how well it’s painted. Your rooting is beautiful!


Beautiful rooting! :two_hearts:

I always follow real baby hair patterns (my own babies) and they do have to be constantly brushed and trimmed as you go. None of my customers have complained about the extra styling. I do sell them with their heads wrapped in parchment paper so that the hair stays mostly in place during shipping


I totally agree. I’m still trying to perfect the swirl.

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And I have alot of waste with Delta Dawn hair but for me I love the finished look.

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It’s so perfect it looks painted :heart_eyes:

It is beautiful.

Love the hair and eyebrows. I need to master the eyebrows !